Want to know how you can travel with a positive impact?

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Want to know how you can travel with a positive impact?

Responsible Traveller
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You spend thousands on your travels, why not spend a few bucks to learn how to make your travel a force for good?

I started out over 20 years ago as a safari tour guide in Africa.

And as a biologist I have been working for nature conservation, local communities, and sustainability for some of the World's largest non-profit organisations.

I have seen how tourism can be a force for good - and I have seen the opposite. We have an historic opportunity to change the tourism business and make sure that our choices as travellers are rewarding the many dedicated businesses around the world that want to give you a fantastic vacation and at the same time run a responsible operation.

With this course I want to show you how to how eco-schemes work and how to find out whether a hotel takes sustainability seriously for the local community and nature. So that you can make your booking with peace of mind.

In this course you will

  • Learn why it matters to choose sustainably when you travel
  • Understand how sustainability certification works
  • Discover how to find your next sustainable destination

All so that you can rest assured that when you book your next stay, you are agent of change for a better world!

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3 module online course on sustainable travel.

Module 1
Why tourism matters
Module 2
How to eco-label schemes work
Module 3
Find sustainable destinations
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